Women's Yoga | Emily Gold, Brussells Yoga Teacher and Doula

Brussels Yoga Teacher. Yoga Therapist. Doula. Woman’s Health Specialist.

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Yoga Teacher.  My yoga is Vinyasa and Hatha inspired and I teach a variety of yogic styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Mindfulness and Yin .  I work with students of all levels of experience and physical capabilities. My work focuses on using yoga and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. As a yoga teacher believe that yoga should make you feel good and like to focus on the mind-body-breath connection so important to yoga. I am currently training to become a yoga therapist, I am learning how I can use yoga work with clients to help heal mental and physical health issues.

Women’s Yoga and Yoga for Fertility. As women we face specific physical, mental, and emotional challenges each day. These are more difficult when we loose touch with our bodies and cycles, monthly cycles, moon cycles, life cycles. Yoga can help us reconnect with our bodies and in doing so embrace wherever we are in all of our cycles. This includes Yoga for fertility, a wonderful option for women dealing with fertility issues as well as women going through menopause, post-postnatal healing and any other woman who wants to connect with her body.As a Well Woman Yoga Therapist I’d love to work with you to come home to your body.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety . Women are twice as likely as men to have an anxiety disorder. Societal pressures, hormonal changes, pregnancy and other factors can contribute to stress and anxiety and make daily life difficult to manage. I can teach you specific yogic, breath and meditation skills to better manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety and work with you to begin to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Combining my passion for birth and my passion for yoga,I offer pre and postnatal yoga and birth support that can assist with physical preparedness and recovery from birth.  I also have many breathing techniques I am always eager to share.  I am prepared to teach modified yoga classes and individual lessons for women at all stages of pregnancy as well as Yoga for Birth where pregnant women and their partners can learn how to incorporate aspects of yoga into their birth plan. Yoga is a great way to stay fit during and after pregnancy, to bond with partner and baby and to reduce stress and relax with specially focused mindfulness and breath work.

Doula and Pregnancy Care.   Support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period can contribute to reduced stress and improved well being.  There is even scientific evidence showing a doula’s presence at birth can lead to shorter births with less medical intervention .   As your doula I can work with you and your partner to create a birth plan, understand all your options, learn non-medical pain management techniques and provide physical and emotional support. As an expat myself I understand the specific challenges that go along with being far from family and friend and can work with you to help you feel supported and comfortable throughout your prenatal, birth and postnatal period. Whether you plan a home birth or birth at any of the hospitals in Brussels, with a midwife or a doctor, my birth doula services are a great addition to your birth plan!



“Thanks to Emily’s teaching, I have significantly improved some of my poses and their effectiveness, especially my downward dog and I now enjoy my yoga sessions much more than before. Emily is very friendly but also very well prepared, and professional and adapts extremely well to the needs of each student. Many thanks again for the great sessions- G, Brussels