Prenatal Yoga in Brussels

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is…

   A wonderful, gentle way to stay in shape during pregnancy.

   A space to safely ease common discomforts of pregnancy.
   An opportunity to learn tools to stay relaxed and mindful during what can be a stressful or scary time.

Yoga is a safe and effective way to stay fit, improve posture and reduce stress throughout the entire prenatal period. My prenatal yoga classes combine strength building poses to help you feel empowered throughout your pregnancy as well as specific breath work, meditation and restorative yoga poses to help reduce stress and help you remain calm and mindful. Private classes can be specifically tailored for your pregnancy and include information on poses that may be helpfully incorporated into your birth.

Check out the Mayo Clinic’s recommendations for Prenatal Yoga

I offer a variety of Prenatal Yoga Private Class Packages to meet your needs

Basic Prenatal Package

  5 Yoga Classes Value = €85 *5= €425
   1 Information Packet on Pregnancy Yoga and Wellness. Value=€€10
  1 Welcome Package Value= €5
  Weekly Write Up of your Classes = €8

Total Value= €448
Total Cost=€360
Total Time- 3 Months

VIP Prenatal Yoga Package

  10 Yoga Classes Value= €85*10=€850
  1 Welcome Package Value= €5
  1 Information Packet on Pregnancy Yoga and Wellness. Value=€10
 Weekly Write Up of your Classes Value= €8
Weekly Follow Up via Phone/Email Value=€50
2 Recorded guided meditations for home practice Value=€100

Total Value= 1,023
Actual Cost= €700
Total Time 3 months

The Pregnancy and Birth Package

  5 Prenatal Yoga Classes Value €85 = 425
   1 Information Packet filled with information on prenatal wellness €10
  1 Welcome Packet filled with prenatal goodies €5
  Weekly write up of your classes Value €8
  Weekly contact via phone/email as needed €50
  1 Yoga for Birth Information Packet Value= €15
  1 Yoga for Birth Private Session for you and your partner -Value= €150

Total Value= €863
Actual Cost= €650
Total Time- 3 months

Learn about my very special Yoga for Birth Classes

“Emily was the best investment we could’ve made for the birth of our son. I highly recommend her services, particularly for first time moms or anyone who wants to birth at home – I was both. There’s unfortunately a lot working against moms who want an intervention-free birth, and for me, having her in my corner got me the birth I wanted. She is a true professional – from the in-home yoga classes she led for me, to keeping me confident that I could have the birth I wanted, to being the exact support I needed to push my baby into the world. I trust that her fun, caring, and accepting approach will bring her much success with other moms. I am forever grateful to you Emily for your significant contribution to my wonderful journey into motherhood. Thank you.” – Jamie, Ottawa

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