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Corporate Yoga

Looking to bring a bit of yoga to your daily grind? Do you feel like you and your coworkers could use a bit more mindfulness? Do you want to practice more yoga but feel like you have no time? Are you achy from sitting in a chair all day? Corporate yoga offers a great opportunity to take a break in the midst of a busy day, improve focus and mindfulness and productivity and improve posture for a more comfortable working experience. Corporate yoga helps employees reduce stress, which is linked to improved productivity, improved immunity (less sick days!) and overall well-being. Corporate Yoga brings the benefits of yoga to your workplace at a time and space that is most convenient for your office. I offer corporate yoga classes all around Brussels. Whether you are a regular yogi or a brand newbie, yoga is a great way to reduce burnout and help your whole office feel better.

“Emily’s unique blend of asanas, insights, readings, music and adjustments make for a most enjoyable yoga class.”
-Doug, Ottawa

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