Favourite resources for pregnancy and birth

I’m happy to share with you here some resources that I love for knowledgeable, up to date pregnancy and birth information:

Evidence Based Birth:   Blogger Rebecca Dekker, a mother, nurse and PhD keeps up to date on the scientific evidence surrounding pregnancy and birth decisions.   It provides non-biased information translating scientific and medical writing in to terms mothers and partners can understand.  This is often my first stop when I hear a health claim.

 Science and Sensibility: Another evidence based blog about pregnancy, birth and parenting.   It is part of Lamaze International so they do promote certain birth methods over others but it is a great site for information.

La Leche League: Provides support and services for breastfeeding moms.

Anthro Doula: This site isn’t updated often but it is a great blog featuring information on pregnancy, birth and parenting all over the world.

The Radical Doula: Blog containing birth information as well as politics of reproductive health, pregnancy and sexuality.  Always an interesting read.

Penny Simkin: If you are only going to read one book during your pregnancy (and you should read what makes you feel LESS not MORE overwhelmed) Penny Simkin’s book “The Birth Partner”is what I recommend.  This site is an introduction to some great resources.