Yoga for Birth Learn tools for an empowered, active birth

What is special about a yoga for birth course:

   Learn ideal positions for faster and more active birth
   Learn breathing techniques to help cope during labour
Learn comfort measures partners can provide during labor
  Learn the stages of labor and how you and your partner can be be prepared to greet each stage empowered and relaxed

Looking to incorporate the stress reduction, relaxation, strength and empowerment of yoga into your birth plan?   Set up a yoga for birth session individually or with a partner. This very special course offers an opportunity for you and your partner to receive child birth education, practice non-medical comfort measures and bond and relax during this special time.  You will have the opportunity to learn and practice pain management techniques, optimal positions and breathing techniques for all stages of labor. Yoga for Birth classes cover all stages of labour and are hands on to ensure that women and partners have the opportunity to practice all techniques. Classes include some meditation and yoga accessible to all levels including absolute beginners. This class will give you the information you need to prepare you for birth as well as the tools and skills to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed during class or after. Can be combined with doula services to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience.

“I enjoyed two of Emily’s workshops: Yoga for Birth and Yoga and Comfort Measures for Pregnancy and Birth. Both were well organized and well executed. My husband and I really enjoyed the Comfort Measures class especially; it was fun to do together.
Emily is clear in her explanations and enthusiastic about helping women prepare for positive labour experiences. Emily’s teachings helped me in labour but also during my third trimester. While struggling to move around while very pregnant, I drew on Emily’s teachings to focus on my breath. During a very painful and somewhat violent stretch of 5 hours of long and frequent contractions, I relied on Emily’s teachings about vocal breathing and other breathing techniques to get me through each contraction. Through the worst of it, I didn’t know where I was, but being able to concentrate on my breath that kept me going. I would whole heartedly recommend Emily’s workshops to other moms-to-be.” – Madeline, Ottawa