Yoga for Birth Learn tools for an empowered, active birth

A great addition to your birth preparation.

Pregnant women and their partners will learn how to modify their favorite yoga postures for reducing pain during labor, as well as skills to better attune to their own body’s needs. Partners will learn how they can best support women in these postures, including physically holding them and providing targeted massages and other forms of support. Both partners will learn breathing and vocalizing techniques to reduce discomfort and anxiety throughout the birth

This was a really fun class for both me and my partner. I was surprised that my partner liked it so much, and that he even did the cat-cow exercises (he used to make fun of cat-cow until now)! I loved that the class had many practical exercises and poses that we can exercise at home. Thank you, Emily!”

It was a very nice thing to do together to get prepared and bond as parents. I do think it was the right amount of information for novices / repetition of prenatal classes.

Please Note: This class is a mixture of physical practice, breathwork and brief birth education. Please dress comfortably.

No previous yoga experience necessary.

Learn more about how I utilized yoga at her own birth here

Yoga for Birth Classes are held at Radiant Light Yoga Studio in Brussels, Privately and online (Coming Soon).