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Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management

Of all the benefits I have gotten from yoga none have been greater than the ability to quiet my anxious mind. Being able to “let go” of a feeling or emotion that isn’t serving me, to put a bad day behind me and to feel when my body is reacting to something stressful has been an amazing perk of my yoga journey. I would love the opportunity to share these skills with you. If you experience anxiety or find it difficult to put your workday or week behind you, find yourself constantly revisiting something you said, have difficulty letting go over anger or resentment or just feel like you are always feeling stressed or agitated, yoga may be for you.

I incorporate a physical yoga practice (asana) as well as meditation and breath work (pranayama) to help retrain the mind and body’s response to stress. Our world is an anxious one, studies find that 10 percent of people in the Western World experience anxiety. Yoga won’t eliminate stress but with regular practice it can equip you to help quiet the mind’s chatter and soothe the body’s held tension.

When you sign up for a Private Yoga Package you can expect:
A yoga practice based on a variety of modalities including Hatha, Yin, Womb Yoga and Restorative. This will allow us to work through a practice that honors the state of your body and mind on an evolving basis.

Specific knowledge of women’s and mental health. Besides being a yoga teacher I also have a Masters of Public Health in Women’s and Reproductive Health and I am currently in training to become a Minded Yoga Therapist, focused on mental health. In other words I combine knowledge of Western and alternative medicine to provide my clients with up to date information on a variety of physical and mental health conditions, how they often interact and how yoga can be used to manage symptoms.

Personal experience dealing with anxiety. Having lived with anxiety for most of my life I understand how frustrating and debilitating it can often be. I am also testament to the power of yoga and mindfulness as part of the toolbox for managing anxiety. While I can never “know how you feel” I am always happy to share my own experiences and empathize with your current challenges.

A yoga practice targeted to YOUR body. One of the greatest things about private yoga is the yoga is always ALL ABOUT YOU. Having personally dealt with a body that is both hyper-flexible (hello backbends!) and extremely inflexible (hello hamstrings, I am talking about you) I am personally knowledgable of how odd our bodies can be and know that “one size fits all” yoga classes can often leave you inured or frustrated. My extensive training in anatomy and physiology has prepared me to create sequences and suggest modifications that are right for YOU!

A personalized plan including guidance for home practice, key poses to practice as well as those to avoid for YOUR needs, personalized attention between sessions via email and phone and so much more! I am always happy to work with clients however they learn best!

Private Yoga Packages for Stress and Anxiety Management

Basic Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management Package

  5 Yoga Classes Value = €85 *5= €425
   1 Information Packet on Stress,Anxiety and the Mind-Body Response. Value=€€10
  1 Welcome Package Value= €5
  Weekly Write Up of your Classes = €8

Total Value= €448
Total Cost=€360
Total Time- 3 Months

VIP Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management Package

  10 Yoga Classes Value= €85*10=€850
  1 Welcome Package Value= €5
  1 Information Packet on Stress,Anxiety and the Mind-Body Response. Value=€10
 Weekly Write Up of your Classes Value= €8
Weekly Follow Up via Phone/Email Value=€50
2 Recorded guided meditations for home practice Value=€100

Total Value= 1,023
Actual Cost= €700
Total Time 3 months

“We started our Sunday’s with Emily for months and could not think of a better way to get on with our day. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to mindfulness and letting the mind go. She has a great sense of humour and passes on interesting life lessons to think about during practice and beyond. We will miss her during her time away from Ottawa and encourage those interested in continuing or giving yoga a try to go and see Emily….she’s great!”
Curtis and Sue-Ellen, Ottawa


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