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Yoga Therapy

I am excited to be offering yoga therapy in Brussels!   Yoga Therapy uses yoga poses (asana) breath(pranayama) meditation and philosophy as a form of complimentary medicine for mental and physical health needs. It isn’t intended to replace Western medical care but can often provide additional reach and support.

What is the Difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?  

Yoga Therapy integrates yoga theory but unlike a yoga class (public or private) the goal is to treat an actual symptom or overall illness. You may go to a yoga teacher to “feel more relaxed” but a yoga therapist can actually work with you to manage the symptoms of your anxiety. A yoga teacher can show you some poses to help your lower back feel better but a yoga therapist can help you to work out why your back is hurting and recommend physical practices as well as Breathwork and lifestyle changes to improve the well-being of your back and your whole body.  As a yoga therapist I always start with an intake session where we discuss your current lifestyle, needs and goals and I would design a treatment plan to help you with these things.   A typical session would involve utilizing a variety of yogic tools to treat your symptoms and get to the root of your symptoms. Yoga therapy is a great compliment to Western medical care, psychotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and more.


What conditions can be treated by Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy can be a helpful compliment to treatment to a variety of conditions:
*Pre& Postnatal Depression/Anxiety
*Birth Trauma
*Cancer/Cancer Recovery
*Chronic Pain
*Parkinson’s Disease
*Eating Disorders

Numerous Conditions not listed here can be improved by incorporating yoga therapy.  If you are suffering from a physical or mental illness or injury and are curious whether you would benefit from yoga therapy please get in touch today.